Woman in customary dress from years past. Just some of the odd fashion history we discovered

Back in Time: Would Our Neoprene Totes Have Been Fashionable in 1923?

Fashions change, that’s for sure. And there’s plenty of odd fashion history to keep us fashion and/or history buffs engaged for a long time! (Well, we might find it odd today, but what will people 100 years from now think of our sense of style? Only time will tell!)

Well. Neoprene wasn’t invented until 1930, so the short answer is “no.” But we have learned about some curious (to say the least!) customs that existed in the past.

Fabulous Watercolors resort totes aside, looking back at the fashions of long ago – and what could happen if you flouted the rules! –  is an interesting trip down memory lane.

Here are two surprising historical tidbits:

Scotsmen Could Be Deported to the United States 

Yes, really. According to this BBC piece, “An Englishman caught wearing a kilt during the Scottish uprisings could find themselves arrested and thrown on to the next boat to America, explained Robson in a lecture at London’s City University.”

Oh, my! Deported to the United States – there’s a twist!

A Curious Stateside Sartorial Law

Here on the other side of the pond (that is, stateside), we (well, not “we,” but the British) had our own curious law, imposed by the British in the name of protectionism. The more things change…

According to Alpha History, “In 1732 the British parliament passed the Hat Act, an item of legislation to restrict competition from the hat-making trade in the colonies. The act required all colonial hat-makers to have first served a seven-year apprenticeship, while African-American slaves were prohibited from working in the trade.

So, fashionistas, be glad we live in the present! And while you’re here, check out our awesome Watercolors line.

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