About Spectacular Bags

Spectacular Bags is the brainchild of John Spec, a fine artist based in Delray Beach, Florida. Read more about John below. John and his partner, Dawne Richards, believe that everyone deserves a bag that is beautiful, unique, and of the highest quality.

Initially, John was creating each bag by infusing it with his artwork one bag at a time, and they were flying off the shelves of his gallery.

We realized that we could share these bags with many more people by finding a bagmaker who would stay true to our vision, and created Spectacular Bags so that we could share John’s distinctive artwork in a new and exciting way.

Choose your favorite color on our Shop page and get ready to be Spectacular!

John Spec & Dawne Richards

Our Story

(By Dawne; John’s busy working with our product partners) John and I have known each other for years. When he first introduced his bags, I was blown away. I already owned a piece of his art, which has pride of place in our dining room. But the idea that I could carry his art every day was fabulous. I had to have one. That day, I came home with my very first Spectacular bag – ok, I came home with TWO. They were just irresistible.

I started carrying the first one immediately, and getting many compliments and questions: “That is a gorgeous bag!” and “Where did you get that?” I knew that lots of people, all over the country and indeed the world, loved these bags. Unbeknownst to me, John had been finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with the demand for his bags. With no advertising, no internet presence, and no promotion whatsoever, he was selling out of the bags far faster than he could create them. Enter fate. I walked into John’s gallery one day and he said, “What are you up to these days?” Five minutes later, Spectacular Bags was born. John and I consult on styles, designs, production partners and accessories, but he has the final say – he is, after all, the artist in this partnership! I’m in charge of our website, our social media, and the boring business stuff. So if you’ve got any suggestions for our site, our Instagram, or want to chat with us on Facebook, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


The Spectacular Team

Meet the Team

John Spec

John Spec

Founder & CEO

Spectacular bags is the brainchild of John Spec, a fine artist based in Delray Beach, Florida. John’s art, which has been exhibited at Art Basel and can be found in residences and destinations throughout the world, combines rough textures with exquisite color combinations, contrast, and mixed media details in a new way of looking at contemporary art. “My visions and inspiration and the ability to share them with others through artistic expression is something I strive for in my work,” says John. Lucky for us, John has now brought his unique artistic vision to Spectacular Bags.

Dawne Richards

Co-Founder & Bag Connoisseur

Most of us have something that we love to collect. For some women, it’s shoes. For some men, it’s watches. For me, it’s bags.

I’ve been collecting bags for over 20 years (ok, maybe 30). I have amassed a collection that spans every style, color, vintage, and price point that you can imagine, and then some, including:

  • Vintage beaded evening bags
  • Of-the-moment leather shoulder bags
  • Classic totes
  • Outrageous attention-getters
  • ….and many more.

My bags are stored in my closet, which has two shelves that run the length of the closet and are entirely taken up by my collection. At the moment, I’m desperately trying to figure out how to add a third shelf.

Dawne Richards

Ready to be spectacular?

If you're ready to be Spectacular, welcome to our Spectacular family! Check out our latest bags here, or drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks and we look forward to serving you!

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